Laura Batista Mederos is the world’s first # 1 P&P woman.
Juan Soler Espinosa also reaches the world number 1

Spanish player Laura Batista Mederos became the world’s first No. 1 P&P woman following her participation in the “III Pontuable Nacional de Pitch & Putt 2019”, held on July 27 and 28, at the Rio Cabe P&P course, in Galicia – Spain.

For the first time, five women participated in a competition for the World P&P Ranking, opening up “hostilities”. The next competition counting for the WPPAR Women’s Ranking will be the Portuguese P&P Open, to be played at Paredes P&P Course, Portugal, on 21 and 22 September.

Laura made history, by forever recording her name at the top of the P&P Women’s World Ranking, so we send our warmest congratulations to Laura and look forward to seeing many more ladies in P&P competitions around the world.

Also, after this competition, Spanish player Juan Soler Espinosa reaches the top of the P&P World Ranking, having qualified in 2nd place in the same championship organized by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, and counting for the P&P World Ranking.

He is now the number 1 in the world, waiting for what will happen in Portugal, next month.

Congratulations to Laura and Juan, and all the other players in this new WORLD AMATEUR P&P RANKING.

After the 17th Open d’Italia, several players have risen in the World Ranking

With his victory in the 17th Open d’Italia, Hugo Espirito Santo rises 3 positions in the World Ranking and is now in the 3rd position. Also, the spaniard Juan Soler Espinosa takes the 2nd position of the World Ranking, being only 7 points of the world-wide top, still occupied by Raul Toca Pedrajo, of Spain.

The Italian Leonardo Panza, with his 4th place in the Italian Open, went up 11 places, being now in 11th place with 206,5000 points.
Also Alberto Viotto (Italy) climbed 7 positions, being this week in 18th place of the World P&P Ranking.

However, the “king of climbs” was the Spaniard Ricardo Barroso Trujillo, who with his 5th place in the Open d’Italia, climbed 18 positions in the table, being now ranked 17th by WPPAR.

This group of players was joined by two Swiss players, Mauro Zaninni and Markus Planzer, thus becoming the first two Swiss players to enter the World P&P Ranking. They occupy the 48th and 53rd positions of WPPAR, respectively.

Elio Mazzoco is the first Italian to join WPPAR

After completing the 2019 Italian National P&P Championship and after updating the WPPAR Ranking, the italian Elio Mazzoco, enters directly to the 16th position of the World P&P Ranking.

Other 9 Italians also join this ranking, such as Leonardo Panza (22nd), Alberto Viotto (25th), Andrea Fusco (27th) and Luigi Evangelista (28th), among others.

This week the 2019 Italian Open P&P will be played, and certainly this Ranking will change a little more, since the best Italian players will be at this Open, among other international participation’s, such as players from Portugal, Spain, San Marino, etc.

Updated information for this World Ranking at

Next two WPPAR tournaments will be held in ITALY

During the next weeks 21 and 25, will be organized in Italy, by the Italian P&P Federation – FIP&P, the first two competitions to count for WPPAR.

This competitions will be the Campionato Italiano Singolo e Team 2019 in Isernia on 25 and 26 May and the Open di Italia P&P 2019 in Appiano Gentile near Milan, during 22 and 23 of June 2019.

This will bring the first Italian players to this World Ranking, which will give another “color” and competition to WPPAR.
Other nations will be present in these competitions, like France, San Marino, among others.

WPPAR is already moving around the world, and we have had very friendly and very interested reactions from all over the world, as from Australia, Japan, India, Brazil, Russia, Morocco, etc.

Each IPPA associate member should contribute to this World P&P Ranking by proposing their own competitions, that have a minimum of 54 holes (3 rounds) in Strokeplay or 3 rounds in Match Play.

The WPPAR regulation is available at

For the first time Pedro Afonso Mendes wins the Northern Portuguese P&P Championship

The Northern Portuguese Pitch & Putt Northern Championship was held last weekend at the P&P course in Braga, which also included the Northern Portuguese P&P Mid-Amateur Championships, Seniors and Ladies, with a total of 54 holes played.

PEDRO AFONSO MENDES from Paredes GC was crowned Northern Portuguese P&P Champion, PEDRO, with an aggregate total of -8 under the par .

In second place was GONÇALO RODRIGUES, also from Paredes GC, 11 strokes away from the winner.

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In Mid-Amateurs and Seniors the Champion was ADRIANO FONSECA from Citynorte, with an aggregate of +10.

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It should be noted that this Championship counted for WPPAR – World P&P Ranking, and integrated in the P&P World Ranking, three more new players from Portugal: Pedro Afonso Mendes, Gonçalo Rodrigues and Rodrigo Santos.

Carlos Vega, new Spanish Pitch & Putt Champion

The canary Carlos Vega has won an exciting edition of the Spanish Pitch & Putt Championship, the fifteenth, which has been held in the course of Las Palmeras Golf (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), an emblematic setting of this golf specialty in Spain. The participation of 108 players, a limit established by the regulations, has given great color to a tournament that has everything to be even more greater on the future.

First time winner that has resulted after three rounds of intense game. Carlos Vega, a player with ample baggage in the Spanish Pitch & Putt, has won with a final round of 52 strokes, more discreet than the 49 of his intermediate round but better than the 53 of its premiere. With 154 strokes to the total has reduced in one the record of the Spaniard Raúl Toca, one of the players to beat.

Raul Toca uncovered the best round of the day, 48 strokes; magnificent, yes, but insufficient to finish alleviating the effects of the 59 with which he said goodbye on Saturday of the insular course. Both he and Jaime Herrera – fourth at four strokes behind the leader – have once again highlighted that the Cantabrian Pitch & Putt is on the rise.

It is worth mentioning that the course of Las Palmeras Golf, one of the most active in the organization of official P&P competitions in Spain, has show off the quality of its greens, very fast and with complicated lines.

Raul Toca cemented his leadership in WPPAR, with Jaime Herrera Garcia rising two places in the table, now occupying the 2nd place in the World Ranking.
Another thirteen new Spanish players entered WPPAR, thus enjoying the E category of this National Championship.

The World P&P Amateur Ranking is now ON!

With the conclusion of the IX MATCH P&P PORTUGAL-ESPAÑA, last week, the WPPAR – World P&P Amateur Ranking is now on.

This Match was the first Competition, from the 2019 Official Calendar of Competitions of IPPA – International P&P Association, that is included in this new WORLD RANKING.

12 players, 6 from Spain and 6 from Portugal, the best P&P players from this two countries, are now the first to be ranked to this WPPAR, as it is regulated by this Ranking System.

The WPPAR is a fair and precise system, that will to rank in an effective and active way, regardless if the player competes in National or International Competitions, everywhere in the world.

The next competition that count to the WPPAR will be held in Spain, in the end of this month of March, expecting new changes in the Ranking table.

Many other Competitions are expected to be included in our WPPAR during next months, organized by our 30 Associate Members,throughout the year.


WPPAR – World P&P Amateur Ranking


The World Pitch and Putt Amateur Ranking (WPPAR), is offered by IPPA – International Pitch & Putt Association, to all Pitch and Putt amateur players members of the Federations/Associations affiliated with the IPPA, all over the world.

This Ranking comprises a Women’s Ranking and a Men’s Ranking for P&P amateur players, and also a Ranking by Countries.

Through the incorporation and worldwide evaluation of amateur competitions, WPPAR encourages the international and national development of Pitch and Putt.

WPPAR aims to be the most comprehensive and accurate ranking in Pitch and Putt, effectively comparing players from around the world who can never compete directly against each other.

This Ranking will be managed and maintained by IPPA, through the IPPA Competitions Committee, based on the most varied Pitch and Putt competitions, worldwide, and in accordance with the definitions established by the WPPAR Regulation.

The WPPAR methodology is based on the successful WAGR – World Amateur Golf Ranking – managed by R&A Rules Limited and the United States Golf Association, created in 2007 by R&A, and followed by the great majority of Golf Amateur players and Golf Institutions, all over the world.